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How We Can Help

Our team are exceptional well trained and equipped to deliver the highest level of professional service for our building and facilities management clientele.


We offer a full spectrum of building and facility management services in the local regional area of Greater Wollongong in NSW.


  • Oversee All building Operations

  • Building Inspection including Common Areas,

  • Plant Rooms, Lifts, Foyers, Rooftops, Gardens,

  • Garbage Rooms, Fire Stairs, Facilities etc

  • Main Point of Contact for All Building Matters

  • Answer Phone Calls 24/7

  • Maintain A Register of All Building Documents,

  • Plans, and Diagrams

  • Asset Management

  • Defect Management

  • Remedial Works Management

  • Review Applications for Renovations

  • Track & Order Inventory, Materials & Equipment

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Our team are ready to discuss your building and facilties management needs.


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