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Welcome to 365 Building Management. We appreciate the time that you are taking to allow us to
introduce ourselves and for taking interest in the professional services that we provide.

365 Building Management is a trusted building management company that was established in 2021 with a simple vision to provide affordable, independent, and professional building and facilities management services throughout the Greater Wollongong region.

wollongong 365 strata building and facilities management
wollongong 365 strata building and facilities management

Our Management Team have been local to the Wollongong area their whole lives. This gives us a genuine advantage to knowing our local market, clients, contractors, and experienced staff. Our local knowledge and expertise provides an established foundation with relationships we have developed with local businesses and contractors in the community. We are the perfect fit to deliver great results in a very competitive market and enables our team to be positioned for rapid growth and expansion across the region.

Our Local Edge gives us the flexibility and ability to not only uptake management services in a heartbeat, we have the resources to supply qualified labour and equipment onsite without delay. As a multi service provider we can ensure the residence will feel comfortable and assured with our direct hands-on approach that management provide.


365 Building Management currently employs 10 full-time staff. Our group of dedicated staff comprised of Building Managers, Cleaners, Gardeners, all of which are the key to our success and outstanding reputation. Our staff always deliver 100% and we are proud of the many great relationships our clients have with our staff!

365 Building Management meets all legislative requirements as we are completely insured with Public and Product Liability, Workers Compensation and Professional Indemnity insurance.


We use EBIX to manage and monitor our compliance obligations.

wollongong 365 strata building and facilities management
Steve Biermann - wollongong 365 strata building and facilities management

Steve Biermann

Managing Director

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